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Benny actively manages your ESPP and connects you to funding so you can participate in this money-making benefit without impacting your take-home pay

Lex from Microsoft makes an extra $3,000 using Benny to get the most out of her ESPP.

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How does it work?

Enroll in your ESPP

Your ESPP enrollment process stays the same through your employer. We encourage you to maximize your ESPP contribution to fully benefit from your plan.

Benny connects you to the best ESPP funds

For each paycheck, Benny helps you utilize those funds to cover your ESPP deductions with a deposit into your bank account. You'll fully participate in your ESPP without affecting your-take home pay.

Get ESPP gains and repay balance

Your employer buys ESPP shares at a discount, securing you instant gains. Use those gains to repay your balance with the fee coming to a fraction of the gains unlocked.

ESPPs are better with Benny


of Your Own Money

That’s right. Benny helps you get the funding you need so your ESPP deduction doesn’t impact your take-home pay. If you’re contributing $350 per paycheck to your ESPP, Benny helps deposit $350 in your bank account before each pay date.


for Itself

For just $7 per month, Benny connects you to the best funding and actively manages your ESPP. This is Benny’s only fee. When you add this to the cost of funds, the fees amount to a fraction of your ESPP gains, ensuring you maximize your investment with minimal cost.


to Manage

Set it and forget it. Once you’re onboard, Benny becomes your partner, helping you take care of everything from enrollment to gains management and everything in between.

Everything is transparent and upfront. Cancel anytime without penalty.

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Financial Freedom with Your ESPP


The profit from my ESPP has helped me pay off my student loan faster by several months!

- Hallie from Microsoft


I used to have to choose between ESPP and 401(K). With Benny, I am able to get the full 401(K) match and maximize my ESPP.

- Chris from LabCorp


I have been putting the extra dollars from my ESPP toward my daughter's college education fund.

- Lynne from Intuit


I do 100% participation in my ESPP and sell immediately to lock in the gains. My emergency savings fund is a lot healthier now!.

- Murray from Salesforce

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