At Benny, we help employees use their Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPPs) to improve their financial lives.

What we do

Benny is on a mission to empower employees of public companies to unlock the value in their employee stock purchase plans (ESPP). We provide financial solutions that enable employees to maximize their ESPP benefits without affecting their take-home pay.


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Andy Kalmon


Our Story

Hi, I’m Andy, Co-Founder and CEO of Benny.

Benny was born out of personal experience feeling the pain of not being able to take advantage of an Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) provided by the public company I worked for before starting Benny.

When I started at that company, the ESPP benefit was new to me. I was unsure how it worked, why it mattered, or how to make the most of it.

I’m quite the nerd when it comes down to it, so I pushed up my glasses, and got to work crunching the numbers. After I modeled out different scenarios, the opportunity was clear - the discount on company shares makes ESPP basically free money!

Well, not totally free.

I realized that to maximize the ESPP benefit did have a cost. I’d have to forgo a part of my paycheck each pay period. For me, this wasn’t a deduction I could stomach. Life’s demands - rent, student loans, daycare costs - kept this “free money” out of reach.

I realized I wasn’t alone in this challenge of wanting to maximize this benefit but being unable to due to needing cash for day-to-day life and started Benny to help support others in participating in their ESPPs. I even funded the first few ESPPs straight from my own bank account which laid the foundation for Benny today.

We’re a venture backed company, made with love in Madison, WI, on a mission to make ESPP benefits accessible to all.

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